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Get a taste of pure Indonesia!

Get a taste of pure Indonesia in Bayang, a restaurant that prides itself on its authentic Indonesian cuisine and simultaneously celebrates its fascinating culture a longside. A mellow face of Clarke Quay, this restaurant is tucked in the serene alleys of this dramatic nightspot, and exudes an opulence that is definitely easy to distinguish from the rest.

Since its inception in May 2006, the restaurant has tempted many of its guests, both locals and tourists, with its mouth-watering, traditional Indonesian fare. Our endearing Indonesian chefs are dedicated to bring the distinctive, homey taste of Indonesian flavours from their hometown kitchens to the posh restaurant tables.

Together with a team of hospitable staff and talented chefs, the elegant posterior will truly charm your night and leave behind a memorable dining experience.

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Clarke Quay


3A River Valley Road
Singapore 179020

Tel:  (65) 6337 0144

Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 5pm – 11pm